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RT022 Makes Almost 200 Mile Journey Across Liberia

Road to Harper, Liberia

Image by Manfred Schweda

Hey, I apologize but you guys might cringe when you read this. I'm working in Liberia and my organization, Partners in Health, received a Kalmar RT022 as part of an asset disposition following the U.S. Military and PAE ending operations for the Ebola response in Summer. Since our organization is working on long-term healthcare system strengthening in remote regions, which requires significant logistical support, we received the unit to assist our ongoing work. However, when we received the Kalmar RT022 it was in Zwedru, a location nearly 200 miles away from our base of operations in Harper.  Connected by what is considered one of the worst roads in Africa, especially during the rainy season. While there's certainly lots of mud and water, the dry spots, which create a semi-permanent rocky surface, are the worst and cause the most wear and tear on vehicles.  For example Toyota Landcruisers, even with maintenance support, have an estimated useful life of 2 years when delivered brand new. We were unable to move the unit via heavy-cargo truck, so instead were forced to drive it the distance between Zwedru and Harper. Over the course of two days for about 12 hours a day I operated the Kalmar RT022 on one of the worst roads in Africa for nearly 200 miles. We were able to easily bypass trucks designed for off-road conditions who had been stuck in mud and water. On the dry-spots famous for shaking vehicles to death (we've deadlined 2 cargo trucks in as many weeks that were received new and nearly new condition) I did my best to navigate carefully, but routinely failed to do so. The Kalmar RT022 took a beating and a half on a road that regularly destroys vehicles designed to traverse such conditions. At the end of the two days we made it safely to Harper and while I was able to catch a rest we put it to work immediately. Our unit is currently in use and running great. We've used it to "shift" containers into place to get our operations center online, which opened up our storage and distribution capacity. We also use it to unload and load pallets at the port and then oftentimes have it drive in tandem with our flatbed to a delivery site in order to have a heavy lift platform to deliver the materials in a remote and austere setting. We also use it frequently to drop generators in many of our and our partners' sites that are also located in remote or difficult to access places. Basically, it's impressed me so much that I decided to make sure I took some time to find your contact information and thank you guys for your product. I know your products are used in critical and important missions around the world but figured I'd at least give you another example of your machines being put to work in a good way by helping to rebuild the healthcare systems in post-Ebola Liberia.


Robert Rains


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